Ed Noyes

I’m on a mission. I’m working to help as many people as possible to unlock their naturally powerful minds.

That’s my passion!

For over 30 years I’ve studied and practiced deep mindfulness meditation. I’ve taught classes, groups, and individuals. During that time I discovered that there is more potential in mindfulness than simple mental relaxation and meditation. I discovered that combining the Emergence Principle with deep mindfulness meditation makes it possible to enhance creativity by stimulating imagination and inspiration.

As I continued developing my practice, I was able to create new techniques to invoke the experience and benefits of deep mindfulness mediation, without relying on the rigid rules I learned with traditional meditation. I describe this in detail in the EM Course with a step-by-step method to take your practice wherever and whenever you want. This technique solves the big problem that most people encounter – fitting all the requirements of traditional meditation into their busy lives in the modern world. That difficulty is why most people quit.

As I pursued this line of inquiry further, I discovered that deep mindfulness could be used to do what many people believe is impossible – to completely stop thinking. Interrupting your thought stream, even for short periods, is incredibly relaxing. Anyone can do it, using the method I explain in the EM Course.

Finally I learned how mindfulness is being used in clinical settings to successfully treat OCD patients and many others who need to break their deeply ingrained and unhealthy patterns of behavior. This new understanding of the relationship between mind and brain has revolutionized neuroscience. There has been plenty of hype about rewiring your brain, and there are many charlatans selling fake products. The method I teach is based on real science, and it works. In the EM Course I teach a Four Step Method that uses attention, mindfulness awareness, and directed mental force to break bad habits and reinforce healthy ones.

I’ve designed the EM Course to be more than a one-and-done experience. I provide ongoing personal support and include lifetime access, including all updates and additions. I strive to make this course a complete solution that anyone can follow.

–  Ed Noyes, Creator and Instructor

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Unleash the Power of Your Mind with EM

Too often we feel stress and anxiety from the pressures and demands in our busy lives. The modern world overwhelms us with too many things beyond our control – distress over events in past combined with uncertainties about the future. Meanwhile we’ve lost our natural ability “to be in the moment”. Sooner or later we all need to refresh and restart our lives.

Scientists have long debated the existence of a mind separate from the brain. Thanks to breakthroughs in neuroscience and quantum mechanics, we now know the mind is a real entity that we can harness to improve our lives. With mindfulness and directed mental force we can finally unleash the power of our minds to refresh and restart our lives. I’ll help you every step of the way.

–  Ed Noyes

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