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You can train your brain! Neuroscientists have used Functional MRIs to unlock the way the brain directs our behavior. We’ve also learned that our minds are not simply a bunch of neurons. We now know how to alter the physical pathways in our brains to correct unwanted patterns of behavior. Mindfulness meditation, awareness, attention, and directed mental force are the tools. The 4 Step Method in the EM Course will show you how to use them to make lasting changes in the ways you think and act. You’ll even learn how to boost your brain power and enhance your creativity. Your mind and brain will work in harmony and thereby enhance your enjoyment of life.

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Learn and practice at home. The 10 modules include easy to follow, step-by-step, guided lessons. Plus, you’ll get unlimited personal support. This method is much better than attending classes, reading books, or watching videos.

Based on Science!

The EM Course is based on the science of neuroplasticity combined with the ancient art of deep mindfulness meditation. You’ll be able to train your brain to make real changes to improve your life.

59 Days to a Better Life!

You’ll begin to feel reduced stress and greater mental clarity right away.
You can complete the entire course in just 59 days. You’ll continue to have lifetime access to all updates and additions at no extra charge.

Results Guaranteed!

We promise you’ll experience increased equanimity as your mind and brain work in harmony. We back it up with a no-risk 100% money back guarantee. Read the details here.

What else is in the EM Mind Power Course?

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Results You Can Expect! Results Guranteed 100%!

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Freedom from Stress and Anxieties

Greater Mental Clarity

Emotional Composure

Enhanced Creativity

Extra Energy

Maximum Relaxation

Overcome Bad Habits

Stronger Healthy Habits

How about greater enjoyment of life?

To have what you want from life, you need to align your mind and brain with your objectives. Training your brain with your powerful mind to bring about healthy positive changes is what the EM Course is all about. We combine the best from traditional mindfulness meditation, modern neuroscience, and the Emergence Principle to help you unleash your naturally powerful mind and brain.

The Curriculum

In this module you’ll learn the best practices to prepare you for lessons in mindfulness and deep meditation. I’ll explain the importance of consistency and regularity while you learn. I’ll help you choose the best location and I’ll explain how to establish a rhythm schedule. You’ll also begin focusing on your personal objectives. After the lesson you’ll spend a few minutes relaxing to help you get ready for module 2 the next day.

Deep breathing is a great way to relax your mind and body. You can use it anytime you need to unwind. It is particularly helpful for mindfulness and it’s especially important for deep meditation. I’ll guide you through the simple steps to properly breath for maximum relaxation. You’ll notice the difference immediately. I’ll also introduce the 5 breath method that you will use throughout the course. You’ll practice deep breathing for relaxation for a day or two before beginning module 3.

In this lesson I will guide you through an amazing exercise that will help you appreciate how powerful your mind really is. You’ll refer back to this experience, as you learn deep mindfulness meditation. At the end of the lesson I’ll discuss self-awareness, which will become very important in future modules.

In its simplest form mindfulness is “being in the moment”. In this lesson you’ll learn about the many forms of mindfulness. You’ll focus on your thought stream and let go of thoughts about things in the past and thoughts that anticipate what hasn’t happened yet. Only experience what is going on now. It’s a great way to clear your mind and gain direction on what’s really important in your life. It’s also a vital skill you’ll need in order to learn deep mindfulness meditation in the next module.

In this lesson I’ll guide you through a complete deep mindfulness meditation session from beginning to end. By this point you’ve already experienced the important parts. We just need to review and organize what you’ve learned and add a few connections. When the lesson is over you’ll begin a twice a day practice based on your rhythm schedule. You’ll find that the next week of meditation will be a very pleasant time. With that experience you’ll be ready to receive your personal secret mantra in the next module.

Having a personal private mantra will take your mindfulness meditation practice even deeper. Your mantra will be based on your reasons for learning EM and the objectives you hope to achieve from your practice. Your mantra is an unspoken sound. It has no meaning other than the association you will build between it and your deep mindfulness meditation. You’ll receive your mantra via email, as an audio file, similar to a lesson in the course. In the recording I’ll guide you through a familiar mediation session and at the appropriate time you’ll hear me repeat your mantra twice. After that you’ll continue your session using your new mantra in the place of the temporary mantra you were given in the previous module.

The Emergence Principle is the process by which we create something new by organizing the basic ideas and elements around us. Think of it like an oak tree that emerges from an acorn or a complex snowflake that emerges from a droplet of water. In this lesson you’ll learn how to apply the Emergence Principle to what you have learned so far to develop solutions and successful outcomes from the elements of any problem, issue, or idea you have. It happens by developing your imagination and natural ability for inspiration. When you learn how to use the Emergence Principle, you’ll have a powerful lifelong skill.

The original inspiration for the EM Course was to develop a way to help people adapt traditional mindfulness meditation to the modern world. A rigid twice a day practice is difficult to maintain with the demands of work, family, and social life. Many have abandoned their traditional practice for that reason. This lesson will teach you how to take your practice wherever you want. You’ll also learn how to adjust the length of your sessions according to your busy schedule. You’ll learn to fit deep mindfulness meditation around your life instead of forcing your life around it.

Have you ever tried to completely stop thinking? Many think it is impossible. Yet, you can learn to do it, at least for short periods. When you do, you’ll benefit from the ultimate mental relaxation experience. Once you’ve mastered deep mindfulness meditation, it’s a short step to meditate without the use of a mantra. That’s all it takes. In this lesson I’ll show you how to use this skill to quickly dive into a deep state of relaxation.

This final lesson draws on everything you’ve learned. You’ll use awareness and attention to rewire pathways in your brain. You’ll focus on those neural pathways that determine your patterns of behavior. You’ll soon be able to overcome the negative habits you want to break, while strengthening healthy patterns. I’ll show you the four step process that you can use to focus your directed mental force. It will build greater harmony between your mind and brain. This is the most powerful lesson in the entire course. It’s based on real science. The techniques I teach have been used to help hundreds of people make lasting changes.

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