The Complete EM Program Is Based On Three Powerful Pillars

Elevate Equanimity

Elevated Equanimity

Equanimity is mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation. All benefits of EM begin with equanimity. The more you can elevate your state of equanimity the more results you will experience – reduced stress, mental clarity, enhanced creativity, and emotional composure. From each lesson you will feel your equanimity rise to a higher level.

Emergence Principle

The Emergence Principle

Change is the only constant in the universe. As change happens, new realities emerge. In the program you will learn that whenever you emerge from your EM practice it’s an ideal moment to refresh your life in so many ways. It’s the time when your imagination is at its peak and solutions become clearer. You’ll learn how to optimize these moments to really improve your everyday life.

Mind Power

Mind Power

Your mind has an amazing power to create new pathways to bypass the bad habits that are deeply rooted in your brain. Those bad habits depend on faulty instructions. You can rewrite those instructions with a deliberate plan that includes awareness from mindfulness, attention,  and directed mental force. With EM you’ll have a step-by-step method that will strengthen your healthy habits.

Anyone can learn EM. It only requires your desire and commitment to change and improve your life. Without a sincere desire and commitment, EM isn’t right for you.

Important Things You Should Know

  • EM is easy to learn. Anyone can do it.

  • EM activates the natural abilities everyone has.

  • You can learn in the privacy of your home.

  • You won’t need any props or gimmicks. No pretzel positions required.

  • You’ll learn to practice anyplace and at anytime – wherever and whenever you need it.
    It fits your busy life!

  • AND, EM is Affordable.

You’ll have direct access to Ed Noyes for support.

Here’s what others have said.

“Honest, good step-by-step instruction.”
– Tess B.

“Instructor [Ed] was very informative! Calming.”
– Carol P.

“Very calming, knowledgeable instructor is a huge benefit”
– Victoria H.

“I really enjoyed Ed and his info – very interesting. I plan to start practicing right away.”
– Brian G.

“Ed Noyes is a joy to work with. Generous, humorous and motivating. I highly recommend working with Mr. Noyes.”
– Barbara J.

“I learned as much as I expected to learn. It is such a large topic with so much specific information, but all was covered to my satisfaction. I will immediately start tackling the issues.”
– Pam A.

“Mind (thought) stimulating and very beneficial. I am anxious to implement what I have learned!”
– Kathy C.


Included: Unlimited Ask Anything Support

The lessons are easy to follow, but if you get stuck or just have a question about anything, we are standing by ready and eager to help. Just ask!

Included: Lifetime Access

All the content is available to you 24/7.

Included: All Future Updates

As we update the modules and add new material, you’ll automatically have access to all the new content at no additional cost to you. Even if we increase the cost of enrollment, you’ll always have 100% access to everything!


Our Promise: We are sure The EM Course will work for you. It will help you refresh your mind and restart your life.  You’ll find the course easy to follow and be able to adapt what you learn to fit your busy life. We are so confident you will get results, you can try the program for up to 30 days to decide if it is right for you. If you don’t wish to continue for any reason, request a refund and we will promptly return everything you paid – no questions asked.

It’s now up to you. It’s time to take action.

The Complete EM Course

  • 10 Step-By-Step Modules
  • Your Personal Secret Mantra
  • "Ask Anything" Support
  • Lifetime Access 24/7
  • All Future Updates and Additions
  • 30-Day No Risk Guarantee

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