Volition means the will to do something. Like Volunteer and voluntary you can trace the origin to the Latin vol and velle, meaning to want or wish. We all have the ability to want and wish and that want and wish produces the will and volition to take some action. Without volition we are nothing more than pre-programed robots.

PET scans (positron emission tomography) of the brain can pinpoint where in the frontal lobe volition activity takes place. But, is the activity observed triggered by volition from the mind or does the activity in the frontal lobe itself cause the experience of volition?

Supporters of the belief that volition originates in the frontal lobe have had a hard time identifying the neurons that account for the origin of volition separate from the resulting activity observed in the PET scans. They would argue that volition and will are mere illusions and by-products of a mechanical brain.

It’s a chicken and egg question that is finally being answered by quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics has disrupted and replaced classical Newtonian physics. It provides a perfect explanation as to how volition and will can exist in a mind separate from the mechanical brain and how it can create the activity seen in the PET scans.

It also explains how the directed mental force taught in the Complete EM Mind Power Training Program works. (And, it does work.) The EM method can be used to change the brain and change behaviors and habits that seem inalterable. It’s possible to get those neuro pathways unstuck. It’s possible to refresh and restart your life with EM.

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