How to Meditate While Waiting at a Stop Light. Really. No Kidding.

Meditate while driving?? Meditate at a stop light??
I do it.
Don’t worry it’s not dangerous. I only do it when the light just changed and I know I have at least 30 seconds. Why sit there and stare into traffic?
You see I’ve developed a weird ability to completely stop thinking. I’ve done it by getting in touch with how my mind and body work when I meditate. It’s surprising how powerful your mind is when you direct it in a particular way. It becomes a simple matter to harness that skill and use it in an intense way. It’s like using a magnifying glass to start a fire.
When I stop thinking I only do it for a few seconds at a time. It is very very relaxing and it really calms your mind. It’s like a whole mindfulness meditation session compressed into 10 seconds. More than enough time to do it while stopped at the light.
I don’t know what the bio-chemistry behind it is, but it also has the effect of suppressing my involuntary breathing! So that limits how long I can stop thinking before I have to gasp for air.
All things considered, it’s a handy little trick to have.

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