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Emergent Meditation is now simply EM. Why?

EM is more than meditation.The program covers much more!

Maximum Relaxation
Deep Meditation
Your Mind Power
Directed Mental Force
. . . and more!

These are 10 lessons included in the Complete EM Program:

“Where and When”
“How to Properly Breathe for Maximum Relaxation”
“Mind Power and Self-Awareness”
“Experience Mindfulness”
“Deep Mindfulness Meditation”
“Your Personal Secret Mantra”
“Using the Emergence Principle”
“Practicing Wherever and Whenever”
“Stop Thinking”
“Rewire Your Brain with Your Directed Mental Force”

PLUS: Now when you enroll we’ll send you a Goldstar 8GB MP3 Player, which you can use to download the lessons! (If you already have a preferred device, this mp3 player makes a great gift.)

The EM Program will refresh you mind and refresh your life in only 60 days!

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