Most people find a trip to the dentist unpleasant. Sitting in the chair, you are braced for a painful experience. Usually it is not all that bad, but you are prepared for the worst. Your mind is racing in anxious anticipation of what is next. Instead, it could be one of those perfect times to practice deep mindfulness meditation. Yes! When you learn the anywhere and anytime techniques, it is possible to practice it even in the dentist’s chair. Think about it. The chair is usually pretty comfy. Your position is relaxed. You can close your eyes. All you need to do is stay in the moment. Be aware, but let whatever happens moment-to-moment slip into the past. Don’t think about what might happen next. Use your mantra to substitute for whatever thoughts might pop in your head. Before you know it you are in a mindfulness state of meditation. There will be interruptions. So, you just need to ease out and ease back in. It can be very relaxing.

Isn’t that better than clenching every muscle in your body and filling your head with dreadful thoughts?

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