Mindfulness and Magic: Misused to Manipulate

In the wrong hands mindfulness meditation can be used to manipulate and control others. This is painfully illustrated in the CNN documentary “Holy Hell”.

Mindfulness meditation should be a personal introspective experience and not a tool to promote group think. Too often the experience of meditation is explained as having magical powers. In fact it is nothing more than a natural ability that anyone can learn to be used independently. When a cult like the one in this documentary makes meditation an important group activity it becomes easy for a manipulative leader to use it to brainwash followers into believing anything.

This not a defect in the practice of meditation that should concern anyone. Just because some people use knives to kill doesn’t mean we should empty them from our kitchens. The same is true with meditation and cults. This is good reason why you shouldn’t seek out group meditation sessions. Meditation is needed in your daily life. You shouldn’t rely on others for the benefits.

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