It’s plain to see that as we grow from childhood to adulthood our brains are growing and developing everyday. For scientists with the materialistic belief that the mind is just a bunch of neurons and synapses, it makes sense to them to claim that our minds like our brains stop developing when we reach our mid-twenties. It’s a very static view with limited possibilities for growth. According to the materialistic mind theory, we should easily identify the “mind neurons” with our increasingly sophisticated brain scans.

Yet, so far no one has been able to map the existence of a mind inside the brain.

Along comes quantum field theory and new evidence that the mind can exist separately, but in coordination with, the brain. More and more neuroscientist are demonstrating how the mind, with the help of mindfulness practice, can be used to actually rewire the brain. The proof is found in before and after brain scans that show new pathways being formed. Neuroplasticity is real. We can use mind power to alter and enhance the way our brains function.

The takeaway is that our minds and thus our brains do not stop developing in adulthood. Throughout our lives we have opportunities to grow and improve. A tree never stops growing throughout its live, as can be seen by the rings in its trunk. You shouldn’t stop developing your mind either. Each year – each day – each moment you have opportunities to grow. Learn how here.

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