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Inspiration is an integral part of life. The ability to be inspired is an important trait that makes us human. Inspiration leads us in new directions. It is necessary for progress. It makes us more productive.

So where do we find inspiration? Let’s consider a frequent source – nature. People often look to nature for inspiration. The majesty, the beauty, and the symbiosis are often pointed to as being “awe inspiring”.  At other times in the same environment we overlook such things, because our minds are cluttered. We’ve all had both experiences.

What accounts for the difference? Why are we sometimes inspired and other times barely aware? The times we are inspired are times that we let ourselves be drawn closer to nature. When we are drawn in we are in the moment. We are present and mindful.  We experience mindfulness.

If inspiration from nature can be explained by mindfulness, logically the more we experience mindfulness the more inspired we will become.

Mindfulness requires a relaxed mind. Speaking for myself, more inspirations come to me when I emerge from mindfulness meditation than at any other time. Seeking inspiration in nature is wonderful. Finding it in mindfulness meditation is powerful.

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