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There are very real scientific reasons that New Year resolutions are difficult to follow. They aren’t excuses, you just need to do some rewiring.

Most New Year resolutions involve breaking habits or altering the direction in your life – stop smoking, lose weight, exercise, start a new project, etc. The problem is that the familiar behaviors you are trying to change are wired in your brain. When the wiring is stimulated by a triggering experience, such as a moment of anxiety, your brain simply instructs you to follow the reliable step-by-step response it’s learned. It’s hard to resist. Your brain is simply doing its thing. The frustration you feel is because your brain is “kicking you around”. Your brain isn’t handling your life the way your mind knows it should .

That’s why resolutions usually fail.

Depending on how hardwired the undesired pathways are, your mind can face a daunting challenge. For centuries traditional neuroscience taught that your brain is a machine with fixed parts and defined capacities. It took decades of experiments coupled with brain mapping to compile enough evidence to overcome the institutional biases. Today scientists accept that the brain is an organ with the capacity to change throughout life, including adulthood.

So how can we use the transformational ability of our brains to make resolutions stick?

The answer is to use directed mental force in combination with deep mindfulness meditation. Remapping the pathways takes a little effort, but it produces a more lasting solution to whatever improvements you seek. It’s a skill – one you can learn with the Complete EM Mind Power Training Program.

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