Emergence is a property of life and pretty much everything else in the universe. It is more than the movement from one place or state into a new place or state. It is the creation of something new from components done in a way that the result is different from the sum of the parts.

Economist Jeffrey Goldstein puts it best
“[Emergence is] the arising of novel and coherent structures, patterns and properties during the process of self-organization in complex systems”.

What does that means in the context of EM?

The practice of deep mindfulness meditation is a process of mental self-organization that can be used to create something new in your life. You can use this emergence in a self-directed way to make changes that will refresh and restart your life. It takes place at the very special moments immediately following deep mindfulness meditation, when inspiration and self-awareness are peaking. In EM you are taught specific techniques to harness the emergence principle to produce the outcomes you are seeking.

Beyond EM we see the same principle when a sprout emerges from a seed, or a snowflake emerges from a falling drop of water, or when a new star emerges from a cloud of cosmic dust and debris. It’s everywhere.

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